The family property
chooses to be independant,
regarding capitals as well as distribution

Arnaud Thomassin manages Château de France, he continues the family line with the same objective of quality and market development. His sisters Veronique and Virginie are involved in the estate’s management.
Arnaud is first and foremost a winemaker
“When I arrived at Château de France, I paid special attention to the vineyard. Green harvesting, which rapidly produces qualitative results, was immediately implemented.”

Arnaud Thomassin chooses hiss sales networks in order to control prices and distribution circuits in order to control prices.
He wishes to directly control his customers. He travels France and Europe as well as worldwide, local support for retailers, who are “objective and constructive allies who come at the property”.

Château de France in dates

1971: acquisition of the property. Coming from distilling industries, Bernard Thomassin discovers the property where nothing had changed since the 19th century and entirely concentrates on one objective, that of restoring Château de France in order for it to produce great prestigious wines worthy of its image.
1985 : he then makes the decision of replanting Sauvignon and Semillon grape varieties, renewing with the multi-secular and original tradition of the appellation which is that of producing both white and red wine.
According to “History of Vines and Wines” (Enjalbert) in 1986: “the harvests overseen by this enterprising and stubborn owner will enable Château de France to recover its prestige and the notoriety it had back in the 19th century and to admirably carry, notably on the export front, a name it has to live up to”.
1987: birth of AOC Pessac-Leognan, Bernard Thomassin was right!

1994: Arnaud joins the property, after specializing in viticulture and winegrowing and gaining work experience in various growing regions.
1997 : acquisition of 10 hectares in AOC Pessac-Léognan at lieu-dit Le Sartre, a very qualitative terroir
2000/2009 : restructuration of part of the vines, planting or replanting the most interessant parcels.
2011 : destruction of the cellar by a terrible fire. A severe avatar but not only: the reconstruction endowed Château de France with the most advanced facilities, adapted to its fine terroir.
2013-2015 : reconstruction of the red and white winemaking facilities. A laboratory has been added to taste and analyze the wines.
October 2013: Bernard Thomassin dies before the end of works.
2015 : construction of a wine shed.